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We See Your Challenges

The pace and complexity of change is nothing like we have experienced before. And for an industry that is focused on mitigating risk, stepping into uncertain futures is not a natural part of organisational DNA.

So even while you and your organisation are committed to change you still have many challenges. From competing internal priorities to shifts in the healthcare landscape to not yet having a clear view of what the future of life science tech-enabled customer engagement looks like.

How do you lead fundamental change that is people-first, sustainable & transformative?

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We need a different approach to change

How we have been approaching change is broken.


To be an adaptive, innovative & human organisation you need a different & better approach to change.

An approach that naturally breaks down silos, maintains sustainable forward momentum and accelerates life science transformation.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”



The future Life Science commercial model is changing. Digital transformation has now become cx-omnichannel. Brands are moving to a portfolio approach. And leaders need to shift from individual performance to team coaching.

And while all this is happening technology is advancing at a pace that we can’t yet process. Generative AI is going to be a game changer for processing data & gaining insights in real-time. AI will also enable cheaper & faster content creation. But at the same time AI poses risks.

Life science customer engagement transformation will not be a one-off event.

Constant change is the new normal

Constant change is the new normal so approaching change as a project, with 12 month planning horizons is no longer effective or sustainable.

Brand priorities become customer-needs

Aligning your team around a customer-first vision enables everyone to harness their potential, collaborate more effectively, find innovative solutions, and have a greater impact.

Cross-functional teams

High-functioning, cross-functional teams become the critical lever to be able to deliver advanced organisational CX goals.

Leaders show up differently

Future-fit leaders will understand the role of data & emerging tech becoming team coach’s. The will create learning environments that support empowered, forward momentum even with uncertainty to redefine customer engagement models.

What makes us DIVERGENT?

Founded by digital transformation veteran Tania Rowland in 2016, Divergent Consulting came about because she saw too many life science marketers struggling to evolve their customer engagement strategies.

Whether it was missing out on opportunities to innovate, not having alignment across marketing, sales & medical teams, or struggling to adopt and optimise digital marketing, Tania was blown away by the number of brand teams that weren’t functioning at their best – and as a result, were wasting time, money, and impact. 

At Divergent Consulting, we want to see life science commercial teams being harnessed effectively.

Through cross-functional team & leadership capability-building programs we help cx-omnichannel leads up-skill their people and get cross-functional teams aligned on what really matters. The result? Teams that perform better today and who accelerate the transformation of customer engagement strategies delivering greater customer value.

You see, we believe that great teams focus on what’s always been central to marketing – the customer. Great teams aren’t afraid to experiment and try new things. Great teams aim to do better today in order to thrive tomorrow.

We believe there are great people within your teams – so let’s start bringing out their potential.

Our Programs

How we partner with you

Tania’s approach is not a typical consultant relationship.


Tania is committed to positively advancing the organisation & your people.

Tania will openly share her deep digital & industry expertise alongside her ability to observe the human challenges of behaviour change.

Challenging, energising, fresh thinking & value are often words used by clients to describe what it’s like to work with Tania.

Transformation leads often comment how much their people enjoy working with Tania. 


Tomorrow's Bridge Builder’s Program

Teams, the building blocks of your organisation, play a pivotal role in your current & future transformation.

We need to redesign the way cross-functional teams collaborate and teach teams how to embrace ongoing reinvention – in pursuit of the future vision.

The Tomorrow’s Bridge Builders program doesn’t just guide your teams to accelerate your current transformation.

We teach teams a mindset and operating model that ensures transformation is self-sustaining.

  • 6-month team learning journey that is inspiring & empowering
  • Equipping teams with long-term resilience and adaptability skills
  • Designed to accelerate the achievement of your transformation goals
  • Cross-functional teams align on the future becoming vision
  • Motivated to adopt new ways of working to improve customer value

Today-Tomorrow Leaders Program

Life science marketing leaders are on a steep learning curve along with their teams to execute cx-omnichannel.

The Today-Tomorrow Leaders Program will equip your leaders to lead their people effectively today and prepare them for the future.

  • 12 week cohort-based learning, broken into 2-weekly sprints


  • Engaging, dynamic live training


  • Immediately implementable skills, organisation-wide growth


  • Peer to peer support & accountability through insightful discussions

Science-based approach

How do we accelerate the achievement of your transformation goals AND create sustained momentum beyond your 12-month goals?

We teach teams the science of high performance and change, then coach them to apply it to achieve the impossible


High Impact, Sustained Transformation

Customer-first Purpose


Shift from what is possible with existing resources to achieving the impossible by getting creative and resourceful to generate new resources

Change Culture


By teaching the teams how to be outcome-focused & adopt a mindset of permanent reinvention they will navigate constant change with resilience and energy


Team Coaching


Unlocking team potential, by coaching teams to hold each other accountable, & boost cross-functional collaboration in pursuit of a common goal.

Neuroscience of Flow


Whenever people are getting out of their comfort zone & doing the impossible – they are in flow.

Flow triggers teams to WANT to explore new and better ways of working

From Our Founder

Only For The Brave

Changing how we approach people-led transformation is uncomfortable.

But change doesn’t need to be complex, slow or challenging.

But not every organisation is ready for a reimagined approach to change.


When we create change cultures, people become comfortable with uncertainty recognising that learning & progress matter more than perfection.

When we guide teams to have a future customer-first purpose & they can answer who they want to be for HCPs today & tomorrow then creativity & innovation are boosted.

When we coach teams to collaborate as an aligned collective, committed to a shared goal, then the team becomes the catalyst to hold each other accountable for progress, accelerating the evolution of life science customer engagement.

But not every transformation lead is ready to step away from the familiar, even if it slows down progress.

We get it!

This is why we know only a few industry change champions are ready for what we have to offer.

But we also know that when we find our people, we make exceptional happen together.

You’ll know if you are one of the few


The Future of Life Science CX

The pace of technology change is beyond what we can imagine.

Customer Experience is better with Employee Experience. Digital is core to change, but customer-first is the priority.

And yet Life Sciences is still not delivering experiences that HCP rave about.

Imagine having aligned, cross-functional teams who have a customer-first vision for the future, and are pushing themselves and their organisation to deliver better.

When teams learn to work together differently they create a bridge to the future of better customer engagements.

Life Science

Future’s Briefing

To effectively anticipate & adapt to change, you need to spend time understanding shifts in technology, society and customers.

Each quarter, Tania Rowland, our founder & industry disruptive thinker presents the Today-Tomorrow Life Sciences Futures Briefing. In a world of constant change, this event is a must-attend for Life Science executives looking to create sustained change.

​Tania provides valuable insights & connects the dots across global trends, societal shifts, and technological advancements that are shaping the future of commercial Life Science transformation.

​Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain crucial knowledge and be at the forefront of change & disruption.

These sessions are designed to equip you to build a bridge from today to tomorrow.

2023 Q4 Life Science Trends Briefing

Watch the recording from Dec 2023, where Tania Rowland, our founder, shares the tech & society trends impacting Life Science commercial teams, and her views on how to successfully navigate these disruptions.

Topics included how strategic planning is changing, the industry’s need to be adaptive in a complex and rapidly changing world, the importance of authenticity and transparency, and the risk of “Titanic Syndrome”

Tania dived into the advances of Generative AI & implications for the industry, what companies such as Moderna are doing to stay ahead of the AI curve, and how climate change & healthcare are linked with examples of Life Science partnerships to support communities impacted by climate change.

Tania wrapped up with a look at industry commentary on life science digital evolution, how a Sydney hospital is leveraging tech to support HCPs, patients’ preference between clinicians & AI patient notes, continued low ranking of HCP customer experience scores, and how education may change via tech in the very near future.

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